Every week we try to find something new for the kids and family to do. Now that Kayson is a little older (officially 5 months), we feel more comfortable traveling a little further from home. This week we met up with another family and went to Cleveland, Ga. We visited BabyLand which is the birthplace of the legendary Cabbage Patch dolls.

It was an amazing experience and one that you might not really know about unless you are from Georgia. The only reason we found out about it was because of the other family we went with. It’s a little over and hour drive from Atlanta and the location is surrounded by beautiful mountains. We also drove a little further to take a tour of a chocolate shop in an Hansel and Gretel themed town in Helen,GA. (I will cover the Hansel And Gretel Candy Kitchen in another post.)

BabyLand is free to visit, but we do recommend you brings around $100 for dolls and accessories. The building is crawling with dolls that very in price, age, and gender. You can also find bottles, diapers, clothes, doll pets, strollers,  cribs, and much more. The front of the building is set up like a real nursery and then you walk into the full playground of dolls .


I’m not sure how they schedule it but they also have a show that shows how the  cabbage patch babies are born in the middle of the show room. The show last a little under 10 mins but it is entertaining for both children and adults. They ask the audience to name the dolls after it is “born” and even let the audience decide if it will be a boy or girl.

All of the employees walk around in nurse scrubs and are extremely friendly. I really don’t know how they keep track of everything in the store but the nurses always know how to find what you are looking for.


Overall I would really recommend BabyLand to anyone with a daughter that is interested in dolls.

You can find all the information for BabyLand here and for Hansel And Gretel Candy Kitchen here.

Check out our YouTube channel to see the vlog of our visit.


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