So London has always pretended to feed her baby dolls. She would put her dolls into a doll high chair and pretend to feed them different items from her kitchen set. Then she saw a YouTube episode of a little girl playing with her Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Sara made by Hasbro. London was infatuated and had to have a doll that ate “real” food and pooped in a diaper!

I decided to go ahead and get London the Snackin’ Sara doll. The doll cost about $50, which is a little steep for a doll for London. London tends to play with her dolls and toss them like a hot tamale after a few minutes of playing with them. Come to think about it, ALL of London’s doll babies cost over $30; which was why I was a little hesitant on the Sara doll.

The Snackin’ Sara doll enables your child to make different snacks and food.

What came in the box:

  • Reusable doll food and shaping tools to make different kinds of snacks
  • Two diapers
  • Two 1-ounce containers of reusable doll food
  • Three shaping tools
  • One roller
  • A plate
  • A pretend juice box
  • Instructions.

The instructions say that the food can be salvaged if it becomes dried out, but I had to throw the food away because London broke them into a million tiny pieces and it was honestly just easier to vacuum up and never have to see again. I did purchase two boxes of extra food, but London has yet to ask to feed the doll again (I don’t think she was very entertained by the doll in the first place). When you put the food pieces in the dolls mouth she moves her mouth in a chewing motion and actually “eats” the food.

Snackin’ Sara can also poop and have her diaper changed. She literally has a rectangular hole in her vagina that’s approximately 3 inches long! My husband was shocked that a doll needed a hole that large to poop out of! The doll says when she’s hungry, sleepy, or full. But beware; it says as soon as you open the box that the doll’s batteries need to be changed. Again, my husband was confused as to how a $50 doll did not come with working batteries. Because we did NOT follow the directions and change the batteries right away, Sara shouted phrases that did not fit the scenario and made Lo a little irritated. For example, Sara would say she was tired when London tried to feed her, then when London would lay her down, Sara would exclaim that she was hungry. This did not settle very well with London.

Overall, I think the doll is better for older children. London got frustrated when she could not get the doll’s diaper on or change her clothes. It was a little much for a three year old. The doll currently sits in London’s playhouse face down on top of old Cheez-Its. Maybe as she gets a little older she will gain more interest in playing with the doll. We shall see!

Feeling: Like I wasted my money!




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