DIY Project – Wood Pallet Accent Wall

DIY Project – Wood Pallet Accent Wall

A month or two ago I took on a small project that I seen on Pintrest. I was looking for a cheap way to transform the dead space around the TV downstairs. During my late night Pintrest browsing I stumbled across a nice stained pallet wall surrounding a tv. I showed Shirell and she gave the ok to give it a shot.

The first obstacle was deciding on how I was going to create some sort of entertainment stand. I didn’t want to buy one and I was also concerned about building one, but then I remembered that we had stuff left over from the previous owner I could use. The previous owner built a walk in closet and I decided to recycle the closet shelving for the entertainment stand. It saved me time because I didn’t have to worry about building or painting something. It also cleared up room in the area that I am planning on making my new office and I didn’t have to worry about throwing anything away!

After putting up the closet pieces, I ran to Home Depot and got myself a miter saw (Father’s Day gift) and some 1×5 boards. With Shirells help I decided on using 3 different stain colors (I wasn’t to sure about this decision at first) and started cutting away.

One tip I seen on YouTube was to use thin pieces of wood to attach the boards to. That way if we decided to change it later we wouldn’t have to redo the dry wall but you can also attack the wood directly to the wall. Building a frame did help with running wires since I didn’t have to fish any wires through the wall.

I cut my boards into only 2 different sizes because I wanted to make my life as easy as possible. I seen people do 3 or more sizes but that involved too much math and more wood staining. Since I used cheap pine boards, a lot of the pieces were not perfectly straight and I figured it would have been a pain trying to line  up any additional sized pieces.

This project would have gone a lot faster if I had a nail gun but I didn’t and decided to use black wood screws to attach the boards the the wall. This took awhile because I had to keep changing the battery on my drill and had to be careful not to split the wood.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the end results and spent less than $100 on materials. I’m not including the price of the miter saw since it was something I will need to complete future projects.


  • 1×5 pine common board (you can use any size)
  • Minwax wood stain (Espresso, Ebony, and Classic Grey)
  • Wood Conditioner (really important if staing pine)
  • 1×2 spurce furring (frame on wall)
  • Sand paper
  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • 2 inch wood screws
  • Miter Saw
  • Old socks or rag (apply stain)

Let me know what you guys think!

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  1. YES!! I totally want to do something like this! How much time should I set aside? LOL

    1. Lol well, it should ideally only take a couple of hours if you get everything you need the 1st time around lol. Cutting and sanding the boards went by pretty quick. The longest part was giving the wood stain 2 hours or so to dry (switching colors while staining every board slowed down the process as well). I say knock out the cutting and staining in the morning, take a break, then put the wall up later that evening

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