From watching our vlogs, you guys know that London LOVES to dress up. Recently we decided to organize her playroom a little better and realized that we need to find a better way to store all her dress up clothes. After stumbling through a few ideas on Pinterest, we decided to make London a dress up closet out of an old dresser. The dresser was already broken and we had no real use for it. We figured that it should be pretty easy to transform it into a dress up closet for her.

This project was really simple and only had to pay for a bar ($4.99) to hang the clothes on. I still have to spray paint the dresser but I think I will wait until the weather gets a little better. Overall I am really pleased with the way it turned out.

I started by removing the draws from the dresser and then cutting out the pieces of wood that went across the dresser. In order to remove the draws, I had to remove the back of the dresser and unscrew the tracks from the inside. Once I removed the draws, I put back on the back of the dresser. I decided to leave the inside of the dresser the way it is and will just repaint the inside later. I seen people use wallpaper to cover the inside of the closet so that is always an option.

For the bar that will be used to hang the clothes on, I purchased a 30 inch closet bar from Home Depot. It was the smallest on they had and it fit perfectly. The only recommendation I would make is to measure how much space you will need for a hanger to sit on the bar and not touch the back wall. I had to reposition the bar because I did not measure the first time.

I wanted the closet to have addition hooks on the outside to hang her bags or wigs. I reused the knobs off of the draws and attached them to the outside of the the dresser. There are 2 knobs now on each side of the dresser.

We were able to fit all her dresses inside of her dress up closet with room the spare. The knobs on the outside work great for her paw patrol pup packs and wigs. We put an accessory chest on the top for her necklaces and purses.

Check out the final product and let me know what you guys think!