How Long of a Wait for Weight Loss?

How Long of a Wait for Weight Loss?

After I gave birth to Lo, it was so interesting how my body “snapped right back” to how I looked prior to having London. About three months after having London, I was back in little itty bitty, teeny-weeny shorts. After six months, I was back in a two piece bikini. Yes, I’ll admit, there were some things that weren’t totally in the right place, but I felt like a hot mama!

Well that was then and this is now! Let’s fast forward to the present day. London is about to be five and Kayson is two. That’s TWO years post Kayson, however my body is nowhere NEAR where I want it to be! Since I was a lot smaller with Kayson, I assumed (you know what happens when you do that) that I would have the same “luck;” boy was I wrong! I have that mom stomach, the one that’s fairly decent up top, but houses a pouch at the bottom, as if I housed four baby kangaroos. I have not worn a two piece in two years.

I must admit, I have not really tried hard to work out. I literally have not had the time or strength to do so. I also do not eat very well. For example, I happened to have movie theater popcorn with extra butter, a Pepsi, a devil dog cake, and sour patch kids…yea…I know…not the best late night snack.

I really would like to set some fitness goals and work on achieving them, but by the time I get home, cook dinner, clean, etc. my body no longer wants to move! I guess I just have to wait to have some more me time to focus on weight loss and getting in shape. The amount of me time seems to drastically decrease with your second child…who knew!


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