Starting a vlog on YouTube is actually rather easy. All it takes is a YouTube account, a camera, some sort of editing software and an active internet connection to get you started. You can start your channel using items you already own or invest into more expensive equipment.

Here is my list of the basic equipment needed to start a vlog on YouTube:


Honestly you can start you a vlog with any kind of Camera. Currently I use a Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II but I started off using my iPhone 6S. Most phones now a days can handle shooting video in at least 1080p/30fps. If you do not have the money to buy a camera or if you are just not sure if vlogging is right for you, then using your phone you already own would be an excellent option. I know its nice to see your face but I do recommend using the back camera since it usually provides a better quality video. If you do use your front facing camera, be sure to look at the lens of the camera and not the screen.

If you are looking into buying a camera for vlogging here are a few popular choices:

GoPro Hero 5 Black (Affordable, Shoots in 4k, waterproof, lightweight and versatile. No selfie screen and poor in low light situations.)
Sony A5100 (Takes amazing photos, mirrorless, quick autofocus, and great video. Does have a tendency to overheat.)
Canon G7X Mark II (Great in low light, Quick autofocus, great video, go to YouTube vlogger camera. Can be expensive, No option for 4k, and sometimes hard to find in stock.)

Now there are many choices when it comes to cameras, I just gave a few of the more popular ones in different price ranges. The biggest thing is that you want a camera that will shoot 1080p and is pretty portable. It also has to be something you will be comfortable vlogging in public with(after a year it is still weird vlogging in some places). Thats why starting off with your phone would be a good option. Its easier to blend in with the crowd and doesn’t draw to much attention to yourself.


Editing Your Videos:

Currently I use my MacBook and Final Cut Pro to edit all my videos. If you have a Mac you can easily use the free iMovie app and edit all of your videos on that. I know a lot of YouTubers that actually record everything on their iPhone and then use the iMovie app on their phone to edit all of their videos(they never even touch a computer). If you already own a mac or an iPhone you can easily use their free software to pump out some amazing videos.

Since I do not have a windows computer or an Android I cannot really give too much advice on programs for them. I know windows does have Windows Movie Maker and you can also you YouTube Video Editor.

Editing Your Thumbnails:

Customized thumbnails are crucial in making your video stand out. It is the first thing someone sees before they click on your video and also provides your channel with a unique identity. I like being able to recognize my favorite YouTubers by the style of their thumbnails while I am scrolling through videos. There are a lot of free websites that you can use to create a customized thumbnail or you can use a program like PhotoShop. There are also a lot of free mobile apps you can use in order to create a thumbnail if you are doing it on your mobile device.

Starting a vlog on YouTube is pretty easy and you can start with the equipment that you already own. If you have the budget to purchase better gear then thats great but do not feel like you need to rush into upgrading to the latest and greatest just to start your channel.

Love to hear from you guys! Leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback!