My Youtube Studio/office/man cave is slowly starting to come together. I built a desk and just recently purchased LED strip lights to put behind my TV. I always wanted to add  strip lights behind the TVs throughout the house, but there are so many options to choose from. I finally decided to go with the USB LED Strip Lights from EveShine because of price and also being powered by USB. It came with a remote control and can change to pretty much any color you want (16 different colors).

LED Strips Lights

I’m really satisfied with this purchase and it really was a cool addition to my “YouTube Studio.” I have used it everyday for the past 2 weeks and has been working great so far. If you are interested in this product please do not make the mistake I made. I cut the strip without measuring because I thought it was able to split in half (I looked at the pictures on the box instead of reading the directions LOL). I placed mine across the top of the tv but next time I will buy 2 so that I can have one on each side of the TV.


  • Perfect for mounting behind a TV – Since its powered by USB, you do not have to worry about any addition wires or power outlets
  • Installation – You can mount this behind your TV within a few mins. You measure the length of lights you need and then peel off the back to reveal the self adhesive tape.
  • Value – At the time of writing this review, the EveShine USB LED Strip Lights is on sale for $11.99! It is built with excellent quality and also shines really bright. It also comes with a remote control

LED Strip Lights


  • USB Powered – I hate to put this as a con and I does not really bother me but it might be an issue for some. The lights will not work unless you have your TV powered on, so if you are looking for something to use as an accent light it won’t work.

LED Strip Lights

Overall I am really satisfied with this purchase and will be buying more for the other TVs in the house while its on sale.

If interested in a EveShine’s USB LED Strip Lights, you can find here!

Let me know if you guys have any questions.