The Children's Museum Of Atlanta is a hands-on interactive discovery musuem. It is located in midtown Atlanta and great for kids 0-8.

This Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful day at The Children’s Museum Of Atlanta. We spent three hours exploring this hands-on museum in midtown Atlanta and happy to report that it is an excellent place to take your kids on a rainy day.

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way:

What is The Children’s Museum of Atlanta?
The Children’s Museum Of Atlanta is a hands-on interactive discovery museum targeted to kids 0-8.

How Much is The Children’s Museum of Atlanta?
Admissions are $16.95 for both adults and children. (Kids 1 and younger are FREE)

Where is it The Children’s Museum of Atlanta?
275 Centennial Olympic Park Drive NW, Atlanta, GA, 30313

Contact Info for The Children’s Museum of Atlanta:

Now Lets Get To The Fun

The Children’s Museum Of Atlanta is separated into several sections. You can build something in the Home Depot workshop or complete an arts and crafts project. Both are led by an employee of the museum. We didn’t take time to do a craft on this trip since the kids were busy running around the rest of the museum.

There is a section to go fishing or climb a treehouse. You can milk a cow or load your freshly picked produce on to a shipping truck. Our kids really loved the grocery store that is sponsored by Publix. After spending time in the grocery store, you move into the Waffle House inspired diner. Kayson spent most of his time serving various parents meals and exploring the different parts of a kitchen.

In the middle of the museum, a dance studio took center stage and did a free dance performance. When the performers were not dancing, a staff member was reading a story.

Make sure you stop by the sand tables. The Children’s Museum Of Atlanta uses an augmented reality projector to project a topography map onto the sand. This made the topography change deepening on how much the kids moved the sand. It was a really cool idea and we spent a lot of time sitting at the sand table.

We spent a little over three hours at The Children’s Museum Of Atlanta and really had a good time. The pricing is really affordable and I do feel that you get a good value. There is a parking garage across the street and also a parking lot. I would say be prepared to spend $20 potentially for parking. If you plan on going during the week, plan for potential field trips. The museum is a good size but it is one big room, so a crowd from a field trip might be a little overwhelming. Call in advance to see if any trips are planned for the day.

If you want to see our tip to The Children’s Museum Of Atlanta, you can click HERE.

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