So we realized very early that Kayson was going to be extremely different than London. One of the biggest differences is that Kayson can, and probably in the near future, will eat us out of a house and home! Yes, he is only nine months, but if you plan on eating anything around this kid, then you HAVE to let him taste it! It’s so funny to see him chew as if he has a mouth full of teeth. To date, Kayson only has two teeth, but those two teeth can eat absolutely ANYTHING.

I remember when Kayson was only about 4 months. We were at a one year old’s birthday party. There was a man across from us eating a plate full of food. Kayson watched the man like a hawk. As the gentleman stood to throw his plate away, Kayson literally lifted his head to watch the man walk out!

Now, if you are holding him while eating, he WILL grab your plate and whatever is on it. When you shout “no Kayson,” he looks at you, pokes out his bottom lip and screams bloody murder. If he is in his chair and you are feeding him, but not fast enough, he thrusts his chest forward and grunts repeatedly. Kind of like a wild animal demonstrating its dominance.

The bad thing is that Kayson wants to eat and lick absolutely everything! He seems to particularly like the dishwasher and our knobs on the dresser. He will literally stick out his tongue and put his entire face on the dishwasher. I feel like we have a second puppy!

The good thing is that I am pretty sure that he will eat more foods than his sister. London’s food literally consists of any type of cheese, pizza, fries, oatmeal, macaroni and cheese (must be in the shape of a character), or bagels. Kayson has had all of the above-mentioned foods and then some. Like the saying goes…to each their own. Right?


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